Four Exciting Developments at MAHC!

  1. NON-PROFIT STATUS! After much hard work, we’re delighted to announce that we received notice that our official 501c3 tax-exempt nonprofit status was granted! Enormous thanks to everyone who helped make it possible. This won’t be a big change for membership, but it will help keep our co-op healthy and sustainable as an organization.
  2. MAHC will be hosting an AORTA Anti-Oppression Workshop on 9/16 at 5:00 pm for our members. Free childcare will be provided. In this very hands-on and interactive workshop, our co-op members will begin to develop and define our shared cultural values as stated in our handbook and mission statement. Our goal is to be a safe, respectful, welcoming, inclusive, and diverse community for all current and future members. AORTA stands for Anti-Oppression Resource and Training Alliance.
  3. MAHC will host a table at the Homeschool Overnight Conference run by Eclectic Learning Network on October 6-7 at the Academy of Natural Sciences in Philly! Register for this great conference by 9/1; details here.
  4. Stay tuned—we are hoping to host a Raising Race Conscious Children Workshop for the general homeschooling community in the near future. See more info here.
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